"The name Global Sound & Body says it all.  Ren Collins provides a relaxing, renewing, innovative blend of yoga and music, meditation and tone.  My first session was wonderful, exploring the ways to enhance daily life with breathing, positions and sound.  And afterward, I was surprised and thrilled to discover I could immediately put Ren's techniques to work...on a crowded subway train!"  

Julie Vaughn - Personal Historian/Producer 

Ren Collins is the Founder and Director of Global Sound & Body. She is a Brooklyn-based musician with a passion for sound, mantra and creative expression.  After attending Boston's Berklee College of Music, Ren moved to New York to pursue a singer-songwriter career.  One night after performing at a club on the Upper West Side, Ren realized that she was to use her vocal gifts to serve.  This called for a complete change in career direction and led to her growing interest and study in world music, mantra and the use of voice and sound for healing purposes.  A regular yoga practitioner, Ren often thought during class,  "How can I combine the voice and yoga, and what benefits might that have?"  Her dedication to using innovative and ancient uses of sound for healing the mind, body and spirit is reflected in the offerings of Global Sound & Body. 

Ren holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and received her musical training at Boston's Berklee College of Music.  She then went on to study classical vocal technique under renowned bel canto teacher, Kamal Scott for five years.  She has studied mantra and sound healing techniques with Sylvia Nakkach, Russill Paul  and Jonathan Goldman. She is a graduate of Three Sisters Yoga and Om Schooled Yoga for kids. Ren is a Yoga Alliance 200 RYT, music teacher, and a member of the Sound Healers Association. The bulk of her work is done one-on-one, in music conservatories/studios and in hospitals.


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